Organic Soy Wax Scented Candle. 


From tofu to candle wax, protein-rich foods to eco-friendly consumer products, there seems to be no end to how this invaluable resource is used today: the Soybean!

​We stand strong for what we do best and offering it's super premium quality and We promised to environment friendly spa and all personal care products, from head to toe, from home decore to health and well being of high class spa product.

Private OEM
​Label Branded Services 

We are the largest import and exporter made to order Spa and aromatherapy with

- Natural and Organics essentials oil and fragrances...
- Theraputice grade scented Candles 
- 100 % Natural soy wax scented candle
- 100 % Palm wax scented candle
- Personal care natural and organics spa products to hotels and private Thailand.

Product we produce

  • Organic Soy wax Scented Candle
  • 100 % Vegetable wax Scented Candle
  • Organic Palm wax Scented Candle
  • 100 % Essential oil 
  • 24K Gold Leaf Spa
  • Facial and Body Herbal product
  • Organic Coconut Oil

We make the finest spa & Scented candle products for you. 

 We are the most exclusive spa product manufacturer in Thailand, Exclusive Private Brand Label Service.100 % Natural & Organic Scented Candle Soy/Veg wax. Aromatic & Therapeutic Exclusive Spa Product.

Exclusive Private Label Brand Service

  • Head to Toe Spa product
  • Body lotion, Shower Gel , Shampoo & Conditioner, Bosy Salt scrub, Foot Scrub and Facial mask
  • Herbal, 24k Gold Facial and Body care.